Core Values

Love God Love Others

  1. We value the Word of God and believe that by grace, through faith we appropriate Biblical promises.
  2. We invite, recognize and reverence the person and presence of the Holy spirit in all aspects of this ministry and expect Him to reveal His Word and perform the miraculous.
  3. Worship is our lifestyle, honoring god by imitating Him in words, actions, and thoughts.
  4. God wants to bless His people with abundant life. We teach Christians how to live victoriously through the practical application of God’s Word.
  5. All people are valuable and need salvation through Jesus Christ. We love, accept, and extend grace so that lives can be restored, healed, and equipped for ministry.
  6. God has called every Christian to impact their world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples.
  7. We value healthy caring relationships and we protect the unity in our church by refusing to give audience to words, attitudes or actions that produce strife, misunderstanding or division.
  8. We network with other Christians in Yakima and around the world to fulfill the great commission.


  • Mission Statement